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When you were younger and got curious about sex, you’d probably go on the internet, type whatever you’re looking for on Google, and click on the first result. This would most definitely be a porn website, and you would get your sexual knowledge from that. Sure, porn is entertaining, but there’s no question that it isn’t always accurate. Horny women just dying to get dick, assholes stretching wide, moaning louder than passing cars, these things are usually exaggerated and are unrealistic. Professional porn amps up the action and reaction to a level 11. But that’s not really an issue when it comes to amateur porn. It is one of the more unique video criteria in adult entertainment. They give a raw and realness aspect that pro-level pornos cannot produce. So if you want to experience something real, explore PORN.COM’s collection of amateur videos!

As mentioned, one definite plus of homemade porn is that it’s completely independent of outside factors. There are no directors or disembodied voices telling how one bitch should moan or how one stud should move his hips while penetrating pussy. Couples are simply going by their instinct like normal people do, just wanting to share their sexual exploits with a worldwide audience. Aside from being realistic, amateur porn covers almost everything and anything under the sun because every couple is different and has different needs. One couple could be acting all shy because they’re making their very first homemade fuck video which is pure vanilla or they could already know how to work the camera because they’ve shot a few already. They could be into BDSM, anal sex, threesomes, cheating, lesbian play, strap-on sex, orgies, food, face sitting, public sex, and more. With amateurs, you can’t really tell what their limits are because they aren’t following trends or thinking what niche would make the most profit. They’re just thinking of fucking like rabbits and hanging their dirty laundry everywhere… Welcome to sex tapes of our modern age.

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Aside from the action, there’s also diversity when it comes to amateurs. Every functioning adult has sex; it’s a basic need for survival and procreation, so expect to see variety when it comes to our roster of babes too! We have White, Ebony, Black, and Asians, and of course, the more specific ethnicities like Japanese, Korean, German, Turkish, Arab, etc. They differ in hair color, body types, age, tit size, and you even get a choice whether you want a shaved or a hairy pussy. BBWs, slim, curvy, PAWG, MILFs, GILFs, teen, co-eds, black hair, blonde, brunette, redhead, big tits, small tits, with amateur porn, there are no limits! One downside, which could be an upside depending on your tastes, is that these people are your regular average joes. They don’t always have perfectly sculpted bodies because they can’t work out every single day or get enhanced in any way, so fake silicone tits probably won’t grace your screens. So if you’re sick and tired of watching the same old moaning bitch getting her pussy rammed by huge dongs and want a change of pace, explore our amateur section!

You can enjoy videos in various resolutions, from low to stunning HD. Thus, you won’t have a problem whether you’re watching on your desktop or mobile. You can even download scenes or include them in a favorites or a watch later list! All these options are available to you at! So if you want something new each time you watch tune it, from the performers to the niches, check us out today! Build your perfect amateur playlist with us!

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