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Asian gangbang, to the uninitiated, sounds like a Japanese or Chinese version of the mafia. They sound like a group of people you would never want to mess with because they seem like a group of people who would shoot you up to kingdom come if you displease them. Well, it could be. It is quite possible that there is a group of men existing out there whose primary activities are enforcing illegal transactions or maybe fraud and prostitution, among other things, and that they call themselves The Asian Gangbang! But for now, we will explore the porn industry’s version of the Asian gangbang.

Gangbanged Asians

It is always enjoyable to watch Asian gangbang. And why not? Watching a group of men and women all fucking one another at the same room at the same time is a great idea for fun! Gang bang is when several people engage in sex at the same time and often changing partners in the process.

As early as the 1980’s, porn producers have already shown gangbang sex videos. Typically, it would have no more than a dozen participants. As porn enthusiasts became bored with this “few” number of participants, they started to produce gangbang sex videos numbering to hundreds of porn stars. Eventually, each producer would try to upstage one another in trying to set gangbang records.

Gangbangs usually have one female as the central person, with a few males engaging in sexual acts. The rest of the males on the film would usually just stand around watching and at the same time masturbating, until such time as the female central figure takes notice of them and give them a blowjob, handjob, or have sex with them.

Another thing that looks so wonderful in a gangbang is the seeming anonymity of the participants. They do not know each other and are just there to participate in something out of the extraordinary. A man fucks a woman, gets bored with her, so he moves on to the next. The woman does the same, of course.

Asian gangbangs look much more entertaining, because Asians are willing to do crazier stuff than their North American or European counterparts. One thing you will notice about Asian porn is that they add a little more excitement and some comedy into their sex acts. The Japanese way of porn, for example, seems to add a mix of both comedy and eroticism into their videos. In their gangbang, comedy and eroticism is multiplied many times over. European gangbangs tend to be more on the serious side, with each person looking like they would only wish to cum and not much else. The same can be said with the North American gangbangers.

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