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After a very stressful day, you might think to unwind by boiling water to make a cup of tea. You know tea has relaxing herbs. It is calming feeling when you consumed it whenever you’re sitting on your couch and dipping the tea bag in and out of your cup. But it is more thrilling when you have a partner with testicles and you’re in the mood for a more sexual unwinding moment. You could have another tea activity which is teabagging or licking balls. This erotic play would really bring men a heavenly sensation. Still, confuse what it is? No problem as we are here to share with you clips how this arousing activity works.

Licking Balls

Balls, testicles, acorns, walnut, teabags, bollocks, family jewels, giggle berries whatever you call them, for men they symbolize bravery, manhood, and manliness but even how hard men metaphorically describe it as their pride still they are one of the organs that are sensitive a lot. Teabagging is when someone dips their balls in and out someone’s mouth (like a tea bag), While sucking, licking, and touching your partner’s balls can be an ordinary part of your blowjob routine, teabagging is a little bit different. “Ball-sucking is a more voluntary act to add an extra dimension to oral sex. While teabagging requires that the partner getting their testicles sucked play a more active role. So, instead of the giver simply repositioning their mouth to suck their partner’s balls while giving oral, the receiver must physically move their body so that they’re dipping their balls in and out of the giver’s mouth. When women suck balls, men got an incredible sensation that can complete the sexual package he’s looking for. Let’s assume you’re giving a blowjob. Remember, the balls deserve some tongue action too. Start nice and gentle, and always watch the teeth. Most people don’t like pain anywhere near their groin, although some do enjoy a little roughness. Once you’re comfortable, especially if you find that having testicles in your mouth is a turn on, gently suck one ball into your mouth. If you can suck in the second one. (No, this doesn’t just happen in porn!) The suction combined with a soft, swirling tongue on his scrotum should send him over the edge in the best way possible. Lick them but just don’t squeeze them.

Truly testicles are the fountain of cum and the source of orgasms! If you’re looking for something new, prostate massage with the use of mouth and tongue is probably going to blow your mind. Even in the industry of porn, you can see how pure the sensation it might bring to men. No matter who’s doing it either Asian, Latina, brunette, or blonde they really enjoy doing it! When you visit PORN.COM you will find a lot of sensational videos sucking testicles. Firmly you would enjoy watching Ball Licking collection. It is a section where this kind of niche was gathered just to satisfy your cravings. Even if the balls are white, black, pinkish, brown, ebony or whatever color it is you will find hot babes sucking it till they were finally cum!

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