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Doctor porn is one of the classic porn genres consumed by a lot of people. It may be another sub-genre of uniform porn since the best giveaway someone is a doctor is a white coat. In doctor porn, the doctor is often the male while the patient is the woman. There are several sub-genres under doctor porn such as hidden cameras during checkups and fake hospitals. The reason why this is a highly consumed and vastly popular porn genre is that there is obviously a difference in the social roles—the doctor is socially higher than the patient or the nurse and has the authority to command or make orders. The patient in the porn often just follows, having the submissive role. One of the usual scenarios is doing checkups with the hot babe patient and making her remove some of her clothes until the doctor feels her up in places he should not. The naive patient often just acts dumb until she is being uncontrollably pleasured into the oblivion. Another reason why this is popular because doctors are expected to show proper conduct and decency, but in porn, they become authoritative and aggressive which is actually hot for the part of the women. Doctors are looked up by a lot of people and not just patients, a lot of women are attracted to men in white coats with the stethoscope and find them sexy even in real life. Common fantasy is getting fucked over by the doctor’s desk while he is wearing the white coat. It is arousing because doctors are usually treated with high honor and respect and expected to show the same with regards to their profession. This is the taboo lies and common knowledge that anything remotely taboo automatically turns people on. Everyone wants to fuck or get fucked in anything that is white—nurse, doctor, church dress. The purity of white clothing drives people’s sexual drives to the zenith and makes them want to taint it with dirty. This is why doctor porn is erotic—because a hospital or clinic is supposed to be a decent place not meant to suck inappropriate acts.

Hospital Porn

At PORN.COM, you can search for and watch several porn clips of doctor porn. Either you want to fuck a patient from the back or the front or sideways—worry not! They are all available. Different plots are available under this category since doctor and clinic porn is highly popular, and are actually two of the most consumed porn. There are endless clips available in the mentioned website, so many endless storylines to complete your doctor porn fantasy. Do not feel worried if you think you are the only one consuming doctor porn because it is inappropriate and despite not being actually attracted to your doctor, you will be surprised at the number of views these clips get. They are all of the high definition and premium quality, no video clip exceeding 15 minutes each—made perfect for when you want to jump from one doctor porn clip to another. If you are attracted to your doctor or you are a doctor attracted to one of your patients, or perhaps you are none of either but have this kind of uniform kink, as you jerk off then this is absolutely the best porn for you!

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